Osa Water Works S.A. (cédula jurídica 3-101-272587) was founded in the year 2000 by Paul Collar a registered geologist (MS 1986 University of Arkansas) and certified environmental engineer (MS 1989 Tennessee Technological University) in order to provide consulting and construction services in the water and wastewater industry in Costa Rica.  With a career track including stints in academia, US federal government, and the private sector in Puerto Rico, Singapore, Costa Rica and the Continental United States, Collar emigrated to Costa Rica permanently in 2000.

Specializing in remote infrastructure development, OWW in its early years focused mostly on residential and small commercial infrastructure development in remote locations, the Osa Peninsula figuring prominently.  Today we focus on all aspects of water, including legal and permitting, water well permitting, drilling and development, residential subdivision distribution and pressurization, water purification, and wastewater management and do so nationwide plus occasionally in Panama.   We also continue to develop both grid-tie and independent hydroelectric systems under the name River Run Hydro and grid-tie and stand-alone solar systems plus battery backup under the name Osa Power.

Osa Water Works depends on close associations with professionals and tradesmen both internally and as part of Osa Group, including:

Erick Lam Murillo:  A captive electromechanic contractor, Lam is a supervisory foreman for nearly all water and power jobs.  We depend on a staff that includes plumbing, electrical, masonry, welding and carpentry tradesmen, and machinery operators, depending on the scope of individual projects.  

Alexander Padilla Porras:   Our permitting partner is a registered geologist and a Setena certified environmental-permit consultant that provides most of our permitting work, including drilling permits, D1 and D2 environmental permits and water concessions and is well-acquainted with the regulating agencies that mostly oversee water supply and development:  Setena, Senara, and the Direction of Water.

Pura Vida Drilling:  OWW has a collegial relationship with the drilling contractor Pura Vida Drilling and works in tandem with that firm to obtain drilling permits and to then drill and outfit a completed will and complete the well registration and concession applications required.

Jose Lizandro Mora:  When building permits are required, civil engineer Mora provides design and engineering approval through the College of Engineers and Architects and stewards building permit through Municipality review as needed.  Mora also collaborates with Technical Reporting for municipal projects in small communities under the aegis of the Acueductos y Alcantarillados, Costa Rica’s water and wastewater ministry. Osa Water Works furthermore depends on an array of other professional services, including analytical laboratories for both biological and chemical testing, soils laboratory for soils testing, environmental professionals for regency, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers for ICE grid tie permitting and hydroelectric environmental permitting.  We have a close relationship with a customs brokerage as well as US suppliers of water filtration and alternative energy equipment.  We enjoy commercial alliances with San Jose distribution houses for pumps and water handling systems, automation equipment and electrical cable.