Home purification system.   Osa Water Work's modular home purification system features 8 gpm and 15 gpm units and includes any or all of the following modular components:

1)  Particulate filtration:  A variety of cartridges can be used to conform to water quality filtration needs including particulate filters of nominal particle size, ranging from 1 micrometer to 5 micrometer, or the more popular, washable and re-useable gradient filter cartridges in 25-5 micrometer gradient pore sizes or 5-1 micron gradient filter rating.

2)  Granular activated carbon:  For control of taste and odor in natural waters and also for the removal of chlorine from municipal water supply, this cartridge based system requires cartridge replacement every six months for chlorine removal and as little as one year for removal of natural organic compounds from water supplies.

3)  Water softening module:  The easy cartridge based water softening module offers a low-cost alternative to expensive salt-based water softening systems.  Ideal for households with only moderate water hardness or where single taps are to be softened.  Not economic for large flow rates and water with high hardness.

4)  Ultraviolet disinfection:  The most appropriate disinfection technology for point of use and home filtration systems. 

The fabrication housing is heavy duty 1/8" steel plate for wall mount or post mounted final installations.  All custom fabricated home purification systems come with bypass valving, pressure gauge and hinged lid for protection of the ultraviolet ballast.  Price varies according to the price of the components and which model is needed for the raw water quality.  We recommend a full chemical and biological analysis of feed water to design the most appropriate system for your particular application. 

$800 and up
Surface Water Intake.  Osa Water Work's custom made, proprietary surface water intake system is proven through twenty years of use throughout Costa Rica to be one of the lowest maintenance and most reliable of all surface water intake configurations.  Whereas we can fabricate the actual intake system and provide instructions for installation, it is best to contract us to provide the system and do the installation to ensure optimal results.  Pricing varies according to the desired water intake rate and installation costs vary as a function of location and water intake characteristics.  $500 and up hardware

$2500 and up installed

Harris hydroelectric turbines.  The standard-bearer of the micro-hydroelectric turbine industry, Harris pelton wheels all include brushless permanent magnet alternators and are custom configured for 12-, 24-, or 48-volt applications.  Single, dual, and four-nozzle configurations are available that allow optimization according to the flow rate available for power generation.  Runners are provided in bronze, standard, stainless steel optional for greater durability.  All turbines come with a rectifier on-board that allows for easy wiring to conventional battery/inverter/controller sets for comprehensive home power solutions.  ~$2500
Induction turbines.  For applications in which power must be generated more than 150 feet or so from batteries and electronics, the high voltage output of induction turbines, coupled with a step-down transformer to deploy at the location of the battery and inverter set allow for high-voltage transmission of power without the line losses that would be incurred from the low voltage output of the Harris configuration.  A variety of runners are available to conform optimally to the flow and head available.  ~$3750
AC-Direct mini-hydroelectric turbines.  All mini-electric installations are custom fabricated and vary according to required specifications and location.  Please write for assistance in determining what specifications are optimal for your particular application. $15,000 and up
Solar Panels.  We do not carry inventory and order panels wholesale according to the specifications of each job.  $6 per watt
Batteries.  A wide array of batteries are available and vary according to specifications, brand names, and terms. variable
Inverters.  We have been happiest with Outback inverters and work preferentially with that manufacturer.  We can procure any inverter desired but for installations, we work only with Outback. variable

Charge Controllers.  Morningstar Tristar charge controllers are our preferred charge controller for hydroelectric applications.  For solar systems, we recommend Outback charge controllers. variable

Please allow up to six weeks for procurement of most equipment listed, with exceptions for hydroelectric turbines, most of which are fabricated upon order and may take as much as 12 weeks following purchase for delivery in Costa Rica.  All orders require payment in full in advance.  Please write for further information:  solutions@osawaterworks.com or call 506 2735-5702 for more information.

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