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If you would like a preliminary assessment of a project you have in mind, provide me with a bit of information, and I will respond with my preliminary impressions and relevant first cut calculations.  While this interface was designed primarily to help new landowners in their property development plans, I will be happy to provide assessments of any inquiries related to water supply and alternative energy in general as well as anything related to infrastructure and project development in Costa Rica in particular.  There is no charge and obligation, and I am usually able to respond within 24 hours.  If you find the form tedious, feel free to simply write me.  


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If one or more streams or rivers are present on the property or bounding the property, describe and list approximate flow rates (gallons per minute, liters per second, cubic feet per second, etc.).  Also describe any spring present on the property in terms of flow-rate and elevation with respect to building sites.

What is the elevation difference between the highest point of the stream on your property and the lowest point the stream passes through (feet, meters, any units.)

Describe existing property infrastructure (electrical, water, sewage, proximity to grid, etc.)

Describe property access

Anticipated project power requirements

Or, describe the scope of the project

Anticipated peak occupancy

Click on the subject areas that you are interested in.

Potable Water Supply

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Solar Power


Roads, culverts, drainage, bridges, etc.

Water Purification / Home filtration systems

Water analyses

Water Concessions, environmental impact assessments, and general Costa Rica permitting

Other.  Describe: 

Finally, tell me anything else that might be relevant.

Hit SUBMIT; I will respond, usually within 24 hours.  If you prefer to write me an email, you may do so here.















































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